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  • Simon Lloyd Chiropractor


    Monday   8.40am to 7.30pm

    Tuesday   9.40am to 7.30pm

    Thursday   8.40am to 7.30pm

    Friday   8.40am to 7.00pm









  • Hertford Chiropractic Treatment Prices
  • First Consultation And Treatment With Simon Lloyd

    • 40 minutes          £55.00
    • 60 minutes          £75.00e

  • Treatment on the first session will vary depending on the difficulty of your individual case.
  • Treatments With Simon Lloyd: Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Pregnancy Chiropractic, Specialist Acute Treatment, Massage, Graston Technique

    •         20 minutes          £40.00
    •         30 minutes          £46.00
    •         60 minutes          £72.00

  • With Mobiliser or 3D Massage Chair

    • 40 minutes          £43.00
    • 50 minutes          £48.00
    • 80 minutes          £78.00

  • Relaxation Suite

    • Premium Comfort 3D Massage Chair With Optional UGalaxy Eye & Temple Massage
    • 15 minutes          £12.00
    • Heated Body Mobiliser Bed
    • 15 minutes           £12.00
    • Both experiences
    • 30 minutes          £20.00
    • Padding Text
    • Padding Text
    • * Buy a course of six relaxation suite sessions and get one free

  • Our relaxation suite can be used with our range of treatments or on its own.
    • Our 3D massage chair offers a whole body massage and works to loosen tight muscles, relieve tension and warm the muscles.
    • The Mobiliser warms and stretches the spine increasing mobility and relaxing muscles.
    • A fifteen minute session on either will prepare your body to get full benefit from chiropractic treatment or on it’s own will leave you feeling physically and mentally restored.………………….

  • Rehabilitation - By Invitation Only

    • HydroJet Massage And Guided Stretching
    • 60 minutes          £55.00

Gift Certificates Available For All Treatments

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